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Sistemi a 360 gradi

All-round systems

We develop and supply turnkey cataphoretic, powder, liquid spray and immersion painting systems, and conversion of existent systems.

Facciamo tutto noi

We do everything ourselves

We even take care of assembly, delocalisation, relocation, revamping, maintenance and technical support.

Why choose Us?

And we do it well

Starting from specific customer needs, we offer customised investment solutions, offering reliability and flexibility at a global level.

Discover the dialysis cells, the membranes and other replacement parts

The cells are manufactured internally and will be shipped within a week Go

Passion is the sentiment that guides Avin and its people

Passion is peculiar to humans, passion is the sentiment that guides Avin and its people.. A machine does not feel emotions, a machine does not have sentiments, it does not have a soul. However, like every product of human intellect and work, a machine can tell much more than it would seem: the ingenuity of those who designed it, the sentiments of those who built it, the dreams of those who wanted it.

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