Services | Avin

What do we do

Avin is an Italian company in the Imel Spa group involved in painting engineering and systems, industrial washing and air treatment systems


Starting from specific customer needs, we design and develop the whole system



Thanks to our team of experts, we implement the system completely


Start up.

We assist the customer to install and start the system up, including support and maintenance

Pre-treatment and painting systems

Avin S.r.l. designs, manufactures and installs advanced painting systems. Always available to convert existent systems into new more technological and innovative systems that meet the customer's needs and objectives.

Avin S.r.l. is able to develop and supply turnkey cataphoretic, powder, liquid spray and immersion painting systems. The range is completed by dedicated machines and systems for specific sectors.

Our experience allows us to make highly technological painting systems with reduced energy consumption. All our systems are computerised and can activate a remote support service that allows our technical support department to intervene directly.

Ultrafiltration and cataphoresis systems

AVIN designs, builds and installs skids complete with:

  • complete ultrafiltration circuit
  • overall or single membrane chemical washing circuit
  • mechanical seal flushing and cooling circuit
  • anolyte circuit complete with anolyte regulation/control unit to support the cells in the paint baths
  • paint filtering recirculation, cooling and heating
  • automatic/manual dosing of paint compounds (paste and resin
  • filtering circuit and ultrafiltered recirculation
  • nanofiltration for post-treatment of ultrafiltration permeate for the purpose of replacing final washing with demineralised water
  • ultrafiltration, microfiltration, degreasing and phospho-degreasing baths.

The systems are managed by an electrical panel with PLC and operator panel and are completely customisable according to the customer’s layout, vendor list and automation needs.

Stoving and drying ovens

Avin S.r.l. designs, manufactures and installs drying and stoving ovens, in-line and superelevated ovens, static electric, gas and diathermal oil ovens. With our air vein ovens, we are also able to reach a heat efficiency of 100%, drastically reducing energy consumption and optimising the stoving or drying processes.


We are involved in the whole painting sector, guaranteeing all related services such as:

Industrial assembly of all the parts, including electrical, mechanical and automation. All of ALVIN’s know how is available to our customers to guarantee that assembly and installation is done with the maximum professionalism

System delocalisation and relocation: thanks to a multitude of experiences in the field, AVIN is specialised in the industrial moves. Starting from an existent system, we disassemble it, putting all the individual components into transportable packing and recovering all parts of the system, thereby reducing any integration to a minimum. Assembly is done by highly trained and specialised teams, in the manner and within the times established with the customer. Organising the work and timing in advance allows optimisation of the resources.

Revamping: AVIN’s technical department is able to develop and implement revamping of existent systems, both from a performance and a formal point of view, guaranteeing improved performance in compliance with the regulations in force.

Maintenance: AVIN provides all the maintenance services for the system, supplying spare parts and performing routine and unscheduled maintenance to keep the system and its components in good condition.

Technical support: AVIN provides technical advice regarding the implementation of already existent systems and the conception and design of new installations. The experience in the field and ability of AVIN’s technicians are made available to customers to find the most efficient, effective and beneficial solution.

Technical support - Service

A group of specially trained and highly qualified technicians, with years of experience in the industrial field, installing and maintaining systems at customer sites all over the world.

The technicians at Avin S.r.l. are always professionally updated and trained to use the sophisticated equipment needed to obtain the best operation and results from the systems supplied.